Monday, July 6, 2015

Turkle vs. Wesch?

            I found that Sherry Turkle’s , The Flight From Conversation and Michael Wesch’s Anti-Teaching: Confronting the Crisis of Significance to be educationally sound, but in complete different approaches to haw people should look at communication. I think that each makes a great argument to the significance to technology and communication, in my opinion one is not more then the other.
            Turkle’s article stuck a personal cord with me. I often have to tell my husband to put his cell phone down, or text my nephew in the next room because he’s engulfed in his phone. I agree with Turkle that we are loosing a little bit when we conduct conversations behind a screen. However, because I am a busy person, I feel that I am able to get more accomplished when I text, email or Facebook the people I need to—it saves me tons of precious time.
            Wesch’s educational approach has a “new wave of education” feel to it. He understands that education has evolved to include new and innovated ways of teaching- including technology. I appricate his idea that all students learn differently, and technology allows the students that were once “not cut out for school”, able to succeed at a different level.  Isn’t Engaging students is what its all avout? Wesch suggests that we turn student’s laptops and cell phones into educational tools. It would make sense for me to forward this article to all my “Anti-cell phone” colleagues.

            As an educator I can appreciate both points of view. I feel that Turkle makes a great point that face-to-face communication is becoming a dying entity.  I agree wholeheartedly that we often hide behind a screen and allow our relationships to take a back seat. However, in an academic setting Wesch makes some great points. If technology engages students, then why not use it? There has to be a way to tap into face-to-face communication as well as use today’s technology, there needs to be a balance.

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